In general, Elfhome animals are more dangerous than their Earth counterparts. Some evolved through gradual mutations, while others are bioengineered. When the bioengineering is done via magic, it is termed spellworking. Many have characteristics that require ambient environmental magic.

Boar (Feral Pig) Edit

Apparenly a pest in the Easternlands

Bobcat (Elfhome)Edit

No field differences to the American bobcat, but more domesticate

Dragons Edit

Related to wyverns, dragons are much larger. See Dragons

Elfhound Edit

Elfhounds are a demasticated dog. They are very loyal and couragous defenders of those they love
Bruno - one of Roach's dogs
Chesty - Jane Kyskill's dog
Repeat - Pete's puppy given to Oilcan
Pete - Roach's elfhound parent of Repete

Elf Shrimp Edit

A fresh water shrimp.

Gossamer Edit

An extremely large, gentle creature that floats upon the air. It is used for transportation by harnessing a gondola below it. The gossamer's handler forms a very close bond with the animal. It was spellworked from a sea creature because the swimming instinct could be used for flying. Gossamers are physically rather fragile and they have clear blood that smells like seawater. They can make a bellowing sound.

Jump Fish Edit

A large fish known for its jumping attack on land animals.

Kuesi Edit

A domestic herbivorous mammal similar to the wooly mammoth. One of the few Elhome species that does not require magic to survive.

Nazamu Edit

A giant electric catfish created by th Oni as a bioterrism weapon.

Porcupine (Elfhome) Edit

Larger the the earth porcupine up to 60 pounds. Red in color

Pesantiki Edit

A small gold colored fish - apparently the Elfhome equivalent of goldfish.

Red Elk Edit

A very large deer similar to the extinct Eastern Elk. Larger than the Western Elk (Wapiti). About 800 to 1000 pounds

Elfhome Elk

River Shark Edit

A fresh water shark similar to requiem sharks. A man eating shark.

Sea Warg Edit

A mammal that lives in colonies on the coast. Males fight to gather female harems. Unprotected cubs are killed and cannibalized..

Steel Spinners Edit

A dangerous species of giant spider. It is approximately two feet in size. Best tool to remove an infestation is a flamethrower.

Warg Edit

They are similar in appearance to Earth wolves, but much larger, more aggressive, and more intelligent. Wargs are likely spellworked at a cellular level. Their breath can freeze other creatures, and they have immense strength. They do not appear to age or succumb to disease, and they heal very quickly. Elvin history states they were created for war, but now they are wild in the forests around Pittsburg.

Water Fairy Edit

Appears to be a cross between cuttlefish and jellyfish. Stings. Luminous in the dark.

Wyvern Edit

A creature that is related to dragons native to Elfhome. They are much smaller and less evolved than a dragon. The scales are similar to an exoskeleton and are used by sekasha as armor. The edges of the plates remain sharp, so a leather undertunic must be worn to protect the wearer from cuts.

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