Elvish Language Edit

Word Definition


A formal meeting of clans
Batya Now or immediately
Dau A mark put on the forehead indicating that the person is raised to the caste of the giver
Domi Lady
Domou Lord
Ejae A magicly sharpened sword of ironwood
Esva The set of spell available to the domana of a clan
Fiutana A single point where there is a major upwelling of magic
Husepavua Literally means "loaned voice". Figuratively mean assistant
Kaet Purposely rude way of saying "throwing a snit"
Kankau Understand
Kiviyau Come
Ley A strong stream of magic
Mau Rent paid when staying in another's enclave
Mauzouan An Elven food dish - contains meat
Mei  A unit of distance approximately 1000 miles; the distance from a spell stone that the spells can be called
Mae hae Too many years to count. (It would be difficult to figure when)
Naekanin I do not understand
Naekuna A person able to turn on and off fertility
Naeso sae kailani The polite way to say "no way in hell"
Naetanyau Stop or don't move
Nagarou Cousin - literally father's sister's son
Nuenae Shared goal and desires
Olianun Musical instrument like a bastard child of a xylophone and steel drum
Saenori A peach like fruit
Saijiata The act of sleeping. Note similarity to the word Saijin
Saijin A flower whose scent is used as a anesthesia


The head of a enclave or household
Sedoma One who leads
Sekia Hello
Sen A unit of land measure
Sepana A teacher of the clans esva
Shya Yes or other agreement
Tautiki Child
-tiki a suffix meaning baby or little
Yatanyai The ability to see probable futures
Zalituus horn An eight-foot long musical instrument
Ze domi ani My Lady
Ze Domou ani My Lord

Japanese Loan Words Edit

Word Definition
Kitsune A fox like race of Oni with the ability to project illusions.
Okonomiyaki A japanese food, a cabbage pancake with many toppings
Oni See Race
Tengu See Race
Yamabushi Literally mountain warrior - tengu super ninja

Pitsupavute Edit

Most of Pitsupavute is standard English, but some is the local dialect.

Phrase Definition
Jagger bush Any thorny plant
Nicadae Have a nice day
Yinz You guys

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