Stormsong is one of the sekasha that attended Tinker when she was in Aum Renau shortly after her transformation. After Tinker destroyed the gate and made Pittsburg permanently stuck on Elfhome, Pony chose her to make a temporary hand to protect Tinker. Otherwise, she is a member of Windwolf's personal sekasha.

Physical Description Edit

Stormsong prefers human fashions such as jeans and t-shirts. After Tinker destroyed the Pittsburg gate, she is described as having blue short hair with a rattail braid, but since she was not described this way previously, this may be a new haircut after the Windwolf household was moved to Pittsburg. Her hair is naturally pale blonde. She speaks pittsuparvate (English) as well as any human, including slang and gestures. She is over six feet tall. Like all sekasha, she has shield spells tattooed into her arms in Wind Clan blue.

Family Edit

Her mother is Queen Soulful Ember's royal seer, Pure Radiance, and her father is the queen's First, Sword Strike. Stormsong has both the intanyai seyosa seerer ability and sekasha fighting ability, which makes her unpopular among some of the older sekasha in Windwolf's first Hand as well as other more traditionally-minded elves.

History Edit

Before she knew whether or not she wanted to be intanyai seyosa or sekasha, she was trained in yatanyai, the interpretation of visions. Born to the fire clan. She grew up in the midst of court, so she is very knowledgeable about proper court etiquette, but she did not mesh well with high society. She became wind clan when became beholden to Windwolf on her hundredth birthday. Windwolf and Stormsong knew each other in court and were lovers until he married Tinker. Some of Stormsong's other lovers include Cloudwalker, Moonshadow, and Skybolt.

For the last twenty years before Pittsburg became permanently stuck on Elfhome, Stormsong spent every chance she could in Pittsburg because she likes human culture. She had doubts about being sekasha, so Windwolf gave her a year to decide what she wanted.

During her time in Pittsburg, Stormsong came to know Maynard fairly well. She also knows Ralph who works at Eide's Entertainment and has ordered human CDs there.

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