Time LineEdit

Time Line



c. 1821

Windwolf born

March 1831

Stormsong born

c. 1891

Beginning of "Singing Storm of Fire"

March 1931

Pony born Chapter "The Meeting of the Storms"

c. March 2001

Beginning of "Little Horse"


Leonardo Dufae dies

c. 2002

Hyperphase gate built. First startup. Beginning of "All the King's Horses and All the King's Men"

c. 2004-2005

Railroad built. Novella "Wyvern"

March 2005

Jane Kryskill born

c. 2009

Oilcan born

Wednesday,1 May 2013

Tinker born

March 2017

Carla Kryskill Born

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Jillian and Louise born

Tuesday, April 1 2031

Approximate beginning of book "Wood Spites"

Saturday, April 5 2031

Jillian and Louise's 9th birthday

Friday, April 18 2031


Monday, April 21 2031

School play vote

Thursday, 1 May 2031

Tinker's 18th birthday

Sunday, May 18 2031


Monday, June 16 2031 afternoon

Beginning of "Bare Snow Falling on Fairywood" novella

Monday, June 16 2031 evening

Attack on Windwolf - Beginning for book "Tinker"

Tuesday, June 17 2031


Tuesday, June 17 2031

Tinker saves Windwolf's life. Shutdown

Saturday, June 21 2031

Tinker converted to domana caste elf

Wednesday, July 2 2031

Last day of school, Peter Pan play, George and Mackensie Mayer die.

Thursday, July 17 2031

Tinker returns from Aum Renau. Shutdown

Friday, July 18 2031

Tinker kidnaped by Oni

Saturday, July 19 2031

Beginning of story "Pittsburgh Backyard and Garden"

Thursday, August 14 2031

Hyperphase gate destroyed

Saturday. August 16 2031

Beginning of book "Wolf Who Rules"

Wednesday,  August  27 2031

Tinker kills Malice

Wednesday, September 3 2031

Beginning of book "Elfhome"

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